2006 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #3 and 3000m Race
Saturday, February 4, 2006
by Marty Mazur

The third set of races in the NVRC Indoor Mile series included a 3000 meter run. Only four runners participated this time (Morgan Windram had a cold, so she scrathced), but they included some of the hard core regulars, two of whom raced twice in this meet! Martha Nelson led from start to finish and kept a very even pace to lap the field in 10:34. Martha is accomplished at many distances, up to and including the marathon, but her favorite distance back in high school was the 3000. Meira Minard wants to run some sub-20 5Ks this year. Her second place finish in 11:33 shows
she's definitely on target. Erin Wyble and Marty Klanchar repeated last years duel. This time Erin opened up early on Marty and held the lead through the race.

In the fast heat of the mile, Andy Cunningham returned to make his goal of a sub-5 mile, finishing first in 4:57. Lance Bland and Judd Michael, who regularly beat each other up at Thurday Track, battled it out for 2nd place. Lance, off a few seconds from his previous two efforts, nipped Judd, both finishing in 5:12. Peter Flemings brought his wife and baby son to watch him finish in 5:30, 11 seconds better than he did in Mile 1. Rounding out the field were Tim Brenza, Alistair Geddes, and Tim Spigelmyer, all well under 6 minutes.

The slow heat included a couple of runners who competed in the 3K only 10 minutes earlier. Sarah Pabian went out very well and was on pace to run a great time. But Sarah had given blood the day before and started seeing stars at the halfway point. She pulled off the track just in time to avoid a visit with the medics. Martha Nelson ran a great second half, seeming to recover from her 3K as she ran. Martha took first in 5:43. Eric Silver took 9 seconds off his time from Mile 1, finishing second in 5:55. Mike Casper ran a relaxed race to take third in 6:06. The two best final stretch footraces of the day were between John Lacombe and Jerry Steffy, and Jim Taylor and Erin Wyble. Lacombe shaved a couple of seconds off his Mile 2 time to beat Steffy by a hair (0.06 seconds!) in 6:18. Jim Taylor, after his losing battle with 3K competitor  Erin Wyble, 
was quoted as saying, "You would think that Erin would have been able to take pitty on the fat old guy and let him by - Kids these days!" In trying to catch Erin, Jim still ended up 7 seconds better than his Mile 2 time.

Next Friday's Indoor Mile heats are the last in the series. There will be a predicted time contest, so get your pace down!

3000 Meter  Results

Place  Name                  Time

-----  ----                  ----

 1.    Martha Nelson       10:34.88
 2.    Meira Minard        11:33.92
 3.    Erin Wyble          12:14.65
 4.    Marty Klanchar      12:23.51 (M)

Mile Results

Heat 1

Place  Name                   Time
-----  ----                   ----

 1.    Andy Cunningham      4:57.31
 2.    Lance Bland          5:12.11 (M)
 3.    Judd Michael         5:12.59 (M)
 4.    Peter Flemming       5:30.63 (M)
 5.    Tim Brenza           5:38.14
 6.    Alistair Geddes      5:44.39
 7.    Tim Spigelmyer       5:45.36 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                   Time
-----  ----                   ----

 1.    Martha Nelson        5:43.04
 2.    Eric Silver          5:55.28

 3.    Mike Casper          6:06.22 (M)

 4.    John Lacombe         6:18.68 (M)

 5.    Jerry Steffy         6:18.74
 6.    Erin Wyble           6:27.83

 7.    Jim Taylor           6:28.13
 8.    Sarah Pabian           DNF

  (M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners.

Martha Nelson breezed through the 3K.

Andy Cunningham broke 5 in the mile.

Some pretty fast slow pokes toe the line in Heat 2.

John Lacombe beats Jerry Steffy in the closest finish ever - 0.06 seconds!

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