2004 Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile #3 and Bonus 3000m Race
Friday, February 13, 2004
by Marty Mazur

The final race in the 2003-04 Indoor Mile Series had some great racing on a number of different fronts. The afternoon's running started with a bonus for the Nittany Valley Running Club: the chance to participate in a non-scored running of the 3000 meter race with some of the assembled collegiate athletes. Three members took up the challenge. Chris Ritter finished first among NVRC runners in 9:49. Ken Davis was second in 9:58, despite suffering from the tail end of a nasty cold. Erin Wyble gave herself a real challenge by running the 3000 in 11:40, well under her goal time of 12:00, and then following that by running the second heat of the mile just 10 minutes later!.

In the first heat of the mile, it was no contest this time as Brian McNally lapped the field, finishing in 4:37. Brian won the closely contested Indoor Mile #2 two weeks ago, but showed that he could run a great race without the push he got from Rod Stahl in that earlier race. Matthew Newcomb was second in 5:09 with Dan Mayer finishing only six-hundredths of a second behind him! Peter Flemings ran his first timed mile in some time in a respectable sub-5:30 time. He was pushed all along by Beth Parker. Beth had moved up from winning heat 2 in the first two series races. She has improved her time in each of the series races.

Heat 2 was won by Morgan Windram, a top-notch ultramarathoner who wants to show she can run the shorter races as well. Morgan learned a bit about pacing her first time out two weeks ago and put it to good use in the race #3. She led from lap 2 on and improved on her first race by 6 seconds, winning in 5:47. Marty Klanchar also showed great improvement by coming in second place in 5:49, 6 seconds better than race #2 and 18 seconds better than race #1. Dave Jenkins was third in 5:56. Marty Mazur finally got his sub-6 time and in the process won the "Predicted Time Contest" by coming within half a second of his predicted time of 5:59, showing that if you can't run fast, you can at least run smart. Erin Wyble was a little gassed from her 3000 meter run, but still turned in a respectable 6:07.

This year's Indoor Mile Series was the biggest and best ever. Full series results for those runners who ran at least two races can be seen here. Results of the predicted time contest can be found here.

3000 Meter  Results

Place  Name                Affiliation                   Time

-----  ----                -----------                   ----
1.     Tyler Devalt        Unattached                    8:31.92
2.     Ben Lukowski        Unattached                    8:34.94
3.     Chris Walsh         Unattached                    8:39.49
4.     Casey Batey         Unattached                    8:39.67
5.     Josh Simpson        Unattached                    8:47.59
6.     Zach Sabatino       Unattached                    9:23.49
7.     Rebecca Stallwood   Unattached                    9:24.24
8.     Kim McGreevy        Unattached                    9:40.58
9.     Chris Ritter        Nittany Valley Running Club   9:49.01
10.    Ken Davis           Nittany Valley Running Club   9:58.77
11.    Erin Wyble          Nittany Valley Running Club  11:40.45

Mile Results

Heat 1

Place  Name                 Time
-----  ----                 ----

1.     Brian McNally        4:37.46
2.     Matthew Newcomb      5:09.63
3.     Dan Mayer            5:09.69
4.     Lance Bland          5:13.20
5.     Peter Flemings       5:27.95
6.     Beth Parker          5:29.16
7.     Tim Brenza           5:31.72
8.     Dan Guss             5:53.92

Heat 2

Place  Name                 Time
-----  ----                 ----
1.     Morgan Windram       5:47.47
2.     Marty Klanchar       5:49.38
3.     Dave Jenkins         5:56.67
4.     Marty Mazur          5:59.43
5.     Jonathan Witcoski    6:04.81
6.     Erin Wyble           6:07.59
7.     John Lacombe         6:21.26
8.     Karl Leitzel         6:52.54

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