Weekly Hill Workout: It’s Raining Repeats

June 23, 2015

Humidity is rising, barometer’s getting low.
According to our sources, golf path hill’s the place to go.
Cause today for [not] the first time, just about half past noon
For the first time in history, it’s gonna start raining hill repeats

It’s raining hill…repeats….it’s raining hill. Workouts.

The weather girls couldn’t keep these hill repeaters off of the beaten path today as Torrential Cali, Misty Minard, Arid Wouden, Muggy Zimmerman, Showery Senior, Cloudy Wagner, Drizzly Capone, and Rainy Renz set out to attack the Golf Course Bike Path Hill. Some may even argue that this! hill is located near Park Avenue. Google maps claims otherwise. The impressive lightning and thunder, and stinging raindrops the cleaned everyone pores everywhere on their bodies, did not scare these storm troopers away from doing the hill workout. We managed 5 repeats before having to call it quits. A special shoutout to Hazy Martin who warmed up the hill for everyone and did the workout earlier in the day, supposedly achieving as many as 7 repeats. The group decided the humidity was cuasing memory spasms and he most likely only did 3 repeats…but enough for an honorable mention. Still 3 more than everyone else not listed did today.

Marathon season is creeping up on us quickly, kill those late miles with the stored power that the hill workouts undoubtedly create. PR your next 25 races, qualify for the olympics, get 5th in your age group! at a State College 5k…simply by doing hill workouts! (Actual results may vary, please consult a runner before starting any hill workout program.)

Weekly Hill Workout: The Hillysburg Address

June 16, 2015

Four Hills and seven workouts ago our hill repeaters brought forth on this Tuesday, a new workout routine, conceived in martyrdom, and dedicated to the proposition that all hills are not created equal.

Now we were engaged in a great semi-civil hill workout, testing whether that our runner, or any runner so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We met on a great battle-field called Four Hills. We dedicated a portion of that hill, as a final resting place! for those who gave their lungs so that this runner nation may strive. It is altogether fitting and proper that we did this.

Mike Zimmerman, Seth Senior, Meira Minard, Alex Wouden, and Mike Renz donned their top hats, black suits and beards and set forth to attack Four Hills. But not just any attack, a precision planned ladder attack. The crew was able to run the 1st hill, go back to base, 1st and 2nd hill, back to base, and then 1st 2nd & 3rd hills where they met the scandal known as OPP FenceGate. Having taken the long way there, they were pressed for time and only had time for 2 other repeats of the gravel access road that joins the Tof! trees Trail to the top of the 3rd hill of Four Hills. So today’s workout was a concoction of 5 repeats of varying length and difficulty – which actually made for a great, and non-repetitive, hill workout. We look forward to Four Hills being completely open for an entire ladder workout!

Join us next Tuesday as we find another hill to leave some sweat, tears, and shoe rubber behind on.

Weekly Hill Workout: Cinco de Cerro

May 5, 2015

On this humid but not as hot as yesterday, the Cinco de Mayo shout-out was a cinco of repeats up Grove Hill. Grove Hill is a lovely new addition to hill regimens, a nice decently steep climb from the Toftrees Trail to The Grove student housing, which makes a turn for the steeper about 2/3 of the way up to create a very trying finishing kick to complete a repeat. Dean Capone pretended like he would join but became a no-show. Adam Ilgen, Ken Davis, and Allison Machnicki ran to the hill with the group but were a cero. John Domico mechanically inclined himself up the hill as an uno. Andrew Maguire (one week off a 2:58 marathon) Mike Martin (2 days off of a 1:06 10-miler), Mike Zimmerman and Judd Michael all managed to do repeats in trio. Yours truly was the uno sicko to do the full cinco, although very slow or not at all pronto.

The temps are rising, the spring marathons are dwindling, the summer is coming. Get those hill repeats in now before the 80+ degree and 80% humidity makes it completely painful, although we’ll still punish ourselves throughout the summer months with this lovely hill workouts! Come join in on the fun!

Weekly Hill Workout: Fraser St

June 9, 2015

The warm and muggy day couldn’t keep the pack of hill climbing wolves from preying on an “easy” (defined as short but steep) hill.  Andrew Fangtooth Maguire, Michael Timberwolf Zimmerman, Alex Lupus Wouden, Michael Jackal Martin, Dean Rufus Capone, and Michael ChewsFoot Renz set out to tackle a slew of repeats.  Costas Ovis Maranas and Bob Aries Cornwall made it as far as to the base of the hill, but quivered at the sheer magnitude of the incline and sheepishly wandered off in an attempt to stay far from this hill, which has since been nicknamed Lil’ Bo Peep.  Lance Arctic Bland even showed up (albeit late due to an error in map reading skills by the lead wolf) and snagged a few repeats with the group.

This hungry pack of wolves decided that six repeats would fully satisfy their appetite for grueling sprints to the top, so! six they did.  Halfway through the workout it even started to spit some rain….but this did not deter the pack from huffing and puffing and tearing the hill down.  My what strong legs we have…..all the better to run up hills with.  Feel free to insert any other forced pun from a wolf-based nursery rhyme to complete this awful hill report.

We are back in full strength for this summer’s hill workouts.  The heat cannot keep us away.  Tuesdays are the day, so prepare however you need to, and make sure you get out and attack some hills with us.  It is great fun for all, and does wonders for your legs and lungs!

Weekly Hill Workout: Brought To You By The Letter 'G'

April 21, 2015

A gaggle of golfers were greeted by multiple genders of gleeful hill gallopers gallivanting up and down the Park Ave golf course path. It’s a medium graded medium length hill, conveniently situated close to Rec Hall, allowing these disgruntled runners to gratify their hill repeating guise with a generous dose of hills galore. Most of the group grossed 6 repeats! Meira ‘Gift of Gab’ Minard, Alex ‘Gladly Goes Up Hills’ Wouden, Mike ‘Guess I’ll Grasp some repeats’ Martin, Mike ‘Growing Gorgeous Hair’ Renz, Mark ‘Gonna do 1’ Lee, John ‘Also Got Time for 1’ Wilcox and Seth ‘Goes Gently with Gait like Gazelle’ Senior all attacked the hill in their on their own anti-egregious ways.

Rumor on the street was that Judd ‘Gotta Get there Late’ Michaels was too shy to do repeats with the rest of the group and showed up after all the excitement had fizzled so he could do repeats in peace. We will assume he did his fair share of repeats, netting inclusion in this report. Next week’s hill is steeper, so come prepared for some grimace inducing repeats.