Written by Meira Minard Meira Minard

July 27, 2010

It was a beautiful day--the kind of day that made you want to strut around in a pastel shirt and white buckskins--as Jonathan Thurley, Mike Weyandt, Matt Soccio, Kevin Becker, Martha Nelson, Tom Cali, John Domico, Jim Moore, Bob Cornwall, and Costas Maranas headed out of Rec Hall toward today's Hill du jour.  Along the way we held many thought provoking conversations, discussing such controversial issues as May-December romances, the *c* word (Martha is launching a campaign to make it cuter and friendlier), and the number of chili-peppers Calidonna should be awarded on "Rate my Prof".

When we arrived, the hill was already under attack by Jim Myers, Lance Bland, Rob Peterson, Jessica Wekke, John Sheakoski and Joel Niemann.  It was good to have Lance back, especially since his back is not covered in hair like oh so many others.  I called a workout of 5 hills, all of them ending at the top of the bike path except for the last one which would go all the way to the top of Gill St. (not Sparks...apparently someone was spreading around some mis-information about today's workout!)  However, I couldn't keep everyone on a short leash, and a few overachievers (who were carrying torches and wearing red wigs) did all their repeats to the tippy top. And of course, the hill cop tried to pass off as law some "telephone pole to first driveway" hill standard--however, I chose to use the much more precise "shade begins to shade ends" distance measurement. 

Some of today's top performers include Mikey Weyandt--who raised some major hill, Costas Maranas--who wore his split-leg, thigh-baring shorts for the occasion (so powerful, I had to shield my eyes!), and Jim Myers, who went flying by me in a blur of fiery hill passion.