Hill repeats are like track workouts with gravity. And since you can't escape hills in Central Pennsylvania, hill workouts are a good thing to add to your workout repertoire. Weekly Hill Workouts were started around 2007 by Hill Queen Tara Murray. After Tara's job moved her out to Bellefonte, Hill Workouts floundered for a while. But they've started back up, and on Tuesdays again, with His Hilliness Mike Renz and Her Meirjesty Meira Minard leading the charge.

The routine is similar to Thursday Track. The group assembles for the noontime run in the warmup area beside the main gym at Rec Hall. The runners leave at 12:10 PM. Mike or Meira picks a hill and the group does a warmup run from Rec Hall to the bottom of that hill. Then they scamper up and jog back down until they're good and tired.

If you want to get an early heads-up on the workout so you can meet the group at the hill instead of at Rec Hall, join the Yahoo Discussion Group 'NVRC'.