Written by Bwana Bwana
It may have been the first truly swampy Thursday of the year, and John Domico, Bob Cornwall, Lance Bland, Greg Dillon, Andrew Webb, George Lesieutre, Jim Moore, Nick Downs, Mark Traband, Jamie Volkert, Mark Griffin, Tom Hilands, Jonathan Thurley, David Miller, Dave DeGroote, Ron Cunfer, Sydney Moser, Meira Minard, Dana Todd, and Marty Mazur were elated! It wasn't really hot, and there was a breeze, but you could just feel the soupiness in the air. And Jeremy Zerbe and Mark Lee, out for a long lunchtime run, knew they could get Bwana Bonus Points for showing up on a day like today.

Bwana decided on the Stayin' Alive, Schloggin' to Survive workout. 1/2-1-1/2 miles in the outside lane. (There are markings in the outside lane for up to 2 miles in English units.) When you get too many hot, humid days in a row, runners ratchet down the pace. So the object of this workout was not so much speed, but to get some sustained runs at a faster than slug pace.

There are several runners who would get lapped by slugs, should they deign to get off their barcaloungers. Rob Shaver was pretty active, though, running around gathering lint from small animals for next week's fly-tying workshop. Speaking of furry animals, Sherry Tirko was out in left field at Medlar Field trying to get a little Nookie. And John Wilcock and Michael Goldfine were slugging down some lunchtime Otto's!