Written by Bwana Bwana
It was warm, drab, and swampy as Jim Myers, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, George Lesieutre, Ken Davis, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Nick Downs, John Sheakoski, Mike Casper, Frank Zaffino, Ann Skulas-Ray, Meira Minard, Jonathan Thurley, newcomers Mike Weyandt and Paul Fisher, Rich Harter, Michael Goldfine, Ron Cunfer, Dana Todd, Dave DeGroote, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Bwana was returning from a week off and certainly needed a speed workout rather than a longer pace workout. He prescribed NX3X300, long sprints with short recovery. Most runners achieved N=3, but the sun peaking out and the humid conditions discouraged people form attempting a fourth.

Track-shirkers live in dread of Bwana's "Paragraph 3" wherein he cyberslams the slackers. But Bwana has been thinking of instituting a Paragraph 2-And-A-Half for runners who have a "semi-valid" excuse, but still deserve a tweak. Steve Shisler has been showing up at the track off and on for the last month. He seems to be working up to joining the rest of the crew. C'mon, Steve! Working up to keeping up with Bwana? That's like working up to getting into the wading pool! And Tara Murray took off today because she's running the All-Comer's Meet tonight. All one mile of it. C'mon, Tara! You've got a reputation to maintain as a crazy, hill-climbin', two-a-day workouts with a beer chaser kind of gal!

And now for paragraph 3. Bwana thinks he should just have a scrolling credit here with the usual suspects: Marv Hall, Sherry Tirko, Andy Arndt, Dave Eggler, Julie Grubb, Ed Thompson, Mark Traband,...(loop again).