Written by Bwana Bwana

We're in one of the most protracted Springs in memory. As John Domico, Greg Dillon, Ken Davis, Jim Moore, Marv Hall, Mike Casper, Greg Luna, John Sheakoski, Lance Bland, Nick Downs, Rob Shaver, Sydney Moser, Meira Minard, Tara Murray, Jessica Wekke, newcomer Kate Ryan, Lee Culver, John Ake, Dana Todd, and Marty Mazur headed to the track, they wondered when Arts Fest weather would finally come to State College. Well, get here it will. Though the temperature hasn't hit 80 in over two weeks, we're in for a dose of low 80s and humidity this weekend.

With a good part of the crew planning to run one of the Arts Fest races, Bwana decided to take it "easy" on the group. We did 2X 1 mile "Indians", with slow, medium, and fast groups. But even the slow group, hastened by the bit of flash that Kate Ryan brought, were well under 8 minutes in both of their miles. And they felt so great that they tacked on a third in 7:33! Tara, who defected to the slow group for the third mile, said that the "medium" group had done their first two in that time. Of course, they were 3 lanes farther out, making their time equivalent to about a 7:10 in the slow lane. (Do the math.)

Some of Bwana's crew is stuck in the really slow lane. You know, the lane the lumber trucks use. Bwana saw Paul Lammert lumbering through his neighborhood the other day. The man needs a real workout. It seems that Full Professor Judd Michael (La-De-Da) is more interested in academic log-rolling than a good workout. Tom Hilands vacationed too hard last week. Bwana saw him sawing lumber at his desk as he was rousting ARL crew. Mark Lee was sitting on his back porch whittling his wood. And Ed Thompson has put on a couple of pounds and changed sports. Bwana saw him wearing a plaid tartan and practicing his caber toss!

Bwana will be on vacation next week. Have a great workout without me. But I expect a full report!