Written by Bwana Bwana
Do you think Summer is finally here? John Domico, Lane Bland, Greg Dillon, Costas Maranas, John Sheakoski, Frank Zaffino, Greg Luna, Tara Murray, Jamie Volkert, Mark Lee, Mike Casper, Dana Todd, Kirk Rager, Jim Laudermilch, John Ake, Ron Cunfer, Rich Harter, Tom Hilands, newcomer Mark Griffin, Lee Culver, Dave Miller, Ed and Sam Thompson, and Marty Mazur sure did as they headed through the haze to the track.

Tara had already completed her workout when the Crew arrived. And since she was the only girl to show up today, Bwana gave her the honor of deciding what the rest of us would do. Her one word: "Fortitude", and then she skedaddled before Crew could revolt. The crew did that workout: 4X(400-200) with only a short rest within each set between the 400 and the 200. A good hot-weather workout (unlike repeat 800s or miles), and a challenge under any conditions.

There was a decided lack of fortitude among some of Bwana's less-than-faithful, especially among the girls. Meira Minard was struggling with the required five-sentence book report in her Literacy For Mouthbreathers summer session class. Cheryl Capone was doing her elbow bend exercises training for tonight's Tussey Teases Happy Hour. She also practiced her wallet reaches. Jessica Wekke was in her jammies, running barefoot across her bon-bon wrapper strewn living room floor on her heals with cotton swabs stuffed between her toes trying to get to the microwave before it stopped beeping. And Ann Skulas-Ray was shovelling the frontloader full of manure that was delivered to her driveway into her thesis proposal.