Written by Bwana Bwana
How many runners will take to streets when the gusts are blowin' over 40? The answer, my friend, is 32. It was super-duper windy, with freshmen skittering down Curtin and cows tipping over in the fields behind the law school as John Domico, Tom Cali, Greg Dillon, Shawn Kelly, John Sheakoski, Greg Luna, Nick Downs, Frank Zaffino, Ken Davis, Marty Klanchar, Andrew Webb, Lance Bland, Costas Maranas, Mark Fedkin, Jamie Volkert, John Wilcock, Paul Lammert, Tara Murray, Mark Lee, George Lesieutre, Michael Goldfine, Ann Skulas-Ray, Jessica Charles, Ron Cunfer, Jim, Lee Culver, Dana Todd, John Schmidt, Mark and Mary Hilliard, Jerry Steffy, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Right off, let me say that George Lesieutre, Paul Lammert, and Tara Murray, three of the lightest people in the group, went and ran on the outside track. Tara says they did 7X800, and considering they finished not too long after the rest of us (who did less than half their workout), they must have employed kites. It's just amazing that they weren't whipped into the next county. The "bulk" of the crew did 6X2 lap half-tandem runs (you run with a partner for 1 of your 2 laps to keep you honest) on the indoor track. Two laps is about 450 meters.

It was a huge turnout (31 people), so there aren't too many who need to endure Bwana's bluster. As a matter of fact, I think I'll blow that off today. We're looking forward all of us going to the outdoor track, the sooner the better.