Written by Bwana Bwana
The first track workout of the season brought treacherously icy conditions on the sidewalks of campus. Still, the intrepid trackers John Domico, Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Mark Lee, Greg Dillon, Tom Hilands, Frank Zaffino, John Sheakoski, Ruth Mischler, Jamie Volkert, Cheryl Capone (who was there earlier), Tara Murray, Stephanie Serriere, Paul Lammert, John Wilcock, Andy Arndt, Michael Goldfine, Mark Traband, Jonathan Thurley, and Marty Mazur skidded down to the track.

A big part of the crew are going to do the first Indoor Mile on Saturday. Bwana decided to give them a "Hang On To The Upward Ladder" workout. You start out slow on a 2 lapper, then try to maintain the same pace on a 3, 4, and 5 lapper. The Indoor Milers will need that staying power on Saturday.

Several trackers had a different kind of staying power. Dana Todd was staying home trying to finish up the last of the New Years pickled herring. Sam and Ed Thompson were playing chicken to see which of the brothers would be the first to come to the track this year. Sherry Tirko was hanging on to the hope that she could still win the office College Bowl Pool if Oklahoma wins by a thousand points tonight. And John Pringle was standing fast in a purple plaid dress with matching sword and shoulder plate on the corner of College and McAllister.