Written by Bwana Bwana

June 27, 2019

It was sunny, hot, and humid, with just enough breeze to make it bearable, as John Domico, Ryan Burke, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. Quite a light turnout, even considering the weather. I can’t imaging that Tom and Meira’s Spring Creek Alternative is cutting that much into the workout turnout. I mean, getting there definitely adds some time to the lunchtime run, and some people actually have to work for a living!

In contrast to last week, where Bwana gave some long reps in relatively mild summer conditions, he decided to give a relatively light workout of short reps in our first blazing hot day of the year. The workout was two sets of 6 X 200. Run the 200s at race kick pace (not sprint!) and take a very short 100 meter recovery between reps. Between the two sets, the recovery is a full 400 meters at a very slow jog. And do stop for water between sets. We did!

Today was Adam’s last Thursday Track workout with us. Adam is heading off to Illinois for graduate school. A two-year masters program in nutrition. He’ll be in town here until July 8. Wish him the best when you see him!

NOTE: There will be no Thursday Track workout next week due to July 4 races and festivities. See you on July 11!