Written by Bwana Bwana

May 2, 2019 and May 9, 2019

Bwana has been remiss. For the first time in years, he *forgot* to put out a track report for a workout that was done. That was last week. Busy time of year, he guesses. Anyway, the workout was great. We had about 10 people show up, including a few of the usuals and a few of the unusuals. The workout was 2 X (600 - 3 X 330). Each of the sets is a 600 (a long “U" on the IM Fields) run at 5K race pace, followed by the short rest of the remaining side of the field, and then 3 X 330. Each 330 is an “L”, a long side and a short side of the rectangle. The rest between these is the next side, be it short (60 meters) or long (270). The 330s are run at 5K kick pace. Rest for a lap (660) between sets, then do another set.

That workout was so great that even though Bwana didn’t report on it, Tara, who showed up for today's workout, decided to do something along those lines. She’s topping off her training for a marathon next week and decided to do 8X600 at marathon race pace with just a 60 meter rest between reps.Ultra-T is signed up for another, much longer marathon some time next year. She announced her engagement to her beau Brian the only way she could: through a Picture A Day post on Facebook. (Tara’s been doing Picture A Day for years, and her posts are among the few things that make Facebook worth looking at every day.) Other than Tara, the turnout was thin today. The Rec Hall crowd, I guess, has to rejigger their schedules to deal with the shortened summer hours. Bwana himself just did an easy few miles on the IM Fields, since he’s nursing a mild ankle sprain.A few others, including Costas Maranas, Judd Michael, Mike Weyandt, Rich Harter, Mike Martin, Adam Ilgen, and David Lloyd, ran roll-yer-own workouts.

We may have to post a new summer time for Thursday Track, as we did last year, because of shortened Rec Hall hours. In addition, in a few weeks we’ll be moving to the High School track (yes, a real track) for the summer. Stay tuned for more information…