Written by Bwana Bwana

April 19, 2018

I keep seeing people walking around town with dazed “What fresh hell is this?” looks on their faces. And for good reason! Winter just keeps hanging on. Last week we had OK weather for an outdoor workout. This week? Well, if you like running in high winds getting sandblasted by sleet, then…you should have run the Boston Marathon! At least you’d’ve been in Boston! Bwana had decided to move the workout back indoors to the MSF, except…there was a Special Olympics event going on! Of course! This is Blue and White weekend, which means the Paterno Family Beaver Stadium Run For Special Olympics, and all that goes with it! 

Bwana decided not to come in to town. The Rec Hall Crew apparently did some crazy fartlek thing off the track, but not on the windswept IM Fields.

We’ll try again next week!