Written by Bwana Bwana

August 3, 2017

Hot and hazy was the order of the day, though it was nothing like last week’s swelter. Jim Myers, John Domico, Michael Goldfine, CJ Wagner, Mike Weyandt, Bob Shafer, Michael Zimmerman, Rob Peterson, Mike Martin, Doug Schunk, Seth Senior, Logan Madill, newcomers Sharon Lester and Kelly Lehtonen, Joel Niemann, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. A good turnout, despite the usual absences for summer vacations, business travel, etc.

Bwana tries to draw some new blood into the group during the summer months. We’ve already gotten a one (Logan), and today we got a couple more, a nice accomplishment. Sharon Lester and Kelly Lehtonen joined us. Sharon is a local and a State High classmate (early 90s) of Meira Minard. On top of that, her dad was one of the founders and the first President of what was then (around 50 years ago) known as the Nittany Valley Track Club (we changed our name to the Nittany Valley Running Club in the early 2000s). Her dad’s tenure goes back well before Bwana’s time (he landed in State College in the late 80s). Kelly is relatively new in town, has been to the HS track before, but today decided to join the Crew. Bwana took it easy on today’s group and called NX3X300. Run your 300s at a hard 5K kick or mile race pace. Take a short (100m) rest and repeat. After a set of 3, rest a bit longer and then do another set. Do as many sets as you’re up to. Today we did N=3 and felt, if not rejuvenated, at least as if we’d accomplished something. 

We’ve got a couple more weeks at the State High track, then it’s back to Penn State. Bwana doesn’t know the situation yet with the PSU tracks, but will let you know as soon as he does.