October 4, 2017

The Thursday Track Crew meets every Thursday at the Curtin-Burrowes entrance to Rec Hall at noon for a warm-up run to the Penn State track. You can run with the group from Rec Hall (about a mile-and-a-half warm-up). They leave around 12:10. Or meet at the track for the workout at about 12:25.

NOTE: Until we find the magic key to unlock the PSU outdoor track (we're working on it!), we'll be running speed repeats at the IM Fields on the north side Park Avenue between the Law School and University Drive as long as the weather is nice. On rainy days, or once the weather turns wintery, we'll be at the MSF Indoor Track, which is just south of the Bryce Jordan Center on University Dr. and Dauer Dr. PSU affiliates should bring an ID and sign in at the desk at the lower entrance. Others will have to hail a PSU person and sign in as a "guest" of that person.