Written by Bwana Bwana

December 1, 2016

Tom Cali, Judd Michael, Meira Minard, CJ Wagner, John Iceland, Mike Renz, Dan Coughlin, Mike Martin, Seth Senior, Mike Zimmerman, Josh Litofsky, Joel Niemann, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur were inside to avoid the cold breezes outside. Not *real* December cold, but colder than what we’ve been used to in this long autumn drawdown. A nice turnout, but why? Most of those present are signed up for the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon. Who needs a track workout 3 days before a 13 mile race?

It doesn’t matter who. We’ve been doing this for decades. Show up at the track before a big race to top off the tank. Plan race strategy. It’s force of habit. The “fast” crew did a bunch of 800s. I hope not too many. Bwana and a couple of others did just a couple of 8s. Enough to clear the pipes.

Planning ahead, we’ll have one more workout, next week, and then the Jingle Bell Track Workout on December 15. But don’t stay away from the track too long. And don’t indulge the cookie and egg nog habit too much over the Holidays. The Indoor Mile Series will be here before you know it!