Written by Bwana Bwana

November 10, 2016

America woke up in the middle of this week to find that the orange is still with us.The mild Fall has kept the leaves from leaving their summer homes to join the earth. The unruly, Cheetoh-topped hills are obnoxious in their obstinacy. Despite the beautiful day and the unavailability of an outdoor track, Tom Cali, John Domico, Bob Cornwall, Judd Michael, Costas Maranas, Michael Goldfine, Joel Niemann, Meira Minard, Mike Zimmerman, Bob Shafer, Mike Martin, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the indoor track.

The Crew was oddly eager to get things done. (Odd indeed, since Meirkat is not usually a fan of the flat oval). A good portion of them ran repeat 1Ks. The rest did a mix of 3 and 4 lap tempo runs in the outer lanes, bracketing the 800 meter distance. Adding volume at these distances is the ideal half-marathon tempo workout.

That Half-Marathon, the Nittany Valley Half, is coming sooner than usual since the mOUnTaiNBACK was later than usual this year. But, it’s always been the case that if you’re trained up for mOUnTaiNBACK, all you need to do is top it off with a few long runs to keep your edge until the first week of December. Maybe by then the leaves will be down. So keep it up!