October 13, 2016

Sparse crew again today, since the weather was nice and the outdoor track is not done yet. Costas Maranas, Mike Renz, Joel Niemann, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur did the workout, while Sam Thompson warmed up for his birthday run. Sam has been doing a birthday run for several decades now and will do a 3 miler on his 73rd birthday coming up soon. Birthday runs are a great tradition. They give you something to shoot for every year, though it’s best to stay away from traditions that add distance as you get older. Bwana knows of people who have run miles per year of age on their birthday into their 60s. Did someone say joint replacement? Bwana himself likes to do (more reasonable) furlongs per year of age, but that’ll be 8 miles when he’s 64. Doable, but for how much longer after that? And George Etzweiller (age 96) has publicly stated (so don’t be shocked) that he plans to die at the finish line of the run up Mt Washington when he turns 100. Sam’s got the right idea. Just be glad you’re running and do the same, reasonable amount every year.

Bwana was pretty reasonable today. He called the NX3X300 workout, an indoor standby. Run 300 meters at your mile race pace (or better). Rest until the 300 start line (just over 100 m), then go again, three times. That’s low recovery for those hard reps. Take an extra lap recovery between sets of 3, then do another set. And another, if you can. Keep it consistent, but work hard.

Speaking of working hard. the outfit putting in the new track must be getting paid by the hour, because they’re maximizing their hours, for sure. The “scuffing” of the track is done, so it looks like a track now and not a glistening lake of cinnamon lava. No lines yet. Not making any promises, but the day it’s done slowly gets closer.