Written by Bwana Bwana

September 1, 2016

It was definitely cooler than it’s been the last few Thursdays. Low 70s. Cloudy. But Fall isn’t here yet! Not even semi-officially until after the Labor Day weekend, which has a habit of being pretty hot around here. Unfortunately, as of Monday, we have no outdoor track for our workouts. So Judd Michael, Mike Casper, Dean Capone, Michael Goldfine, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed to our winter quarters, the MSF indoor track.

Thankfully, summer followed us inside. It was warm and humid, but not unpleasant, so Bwana gave out some long reps: 5 X 3 laps (about 680 meters) at a 5K pace. Bwana suggested a 2 lap jogging rest, and everyone immediately halved that. I guess that was to make up for the fact that nobody else was doing Dean’s workout, which was 6X800. Dean’s obviously getting ready for something. Actually, already *is* ready, since he peeled off his 800s in consistent sub-3:10 pace.

The PSU outdoor track is still not resurfaced, though there was a lot of construction worker activity as Bwana looked down on the site. Maybe before Christmas?