June 23, 2016

Turnout was really light today, despite having a nice outdoor track to run on. Andy Maguire, Mark Lee, Adam Ilgen, Joel Niemann, and Marty Mazur were the only ones who came to the track under partly sunny skies and warm and humid temperatures. Maybe it was the daunting task of negotiating the High School construction site? Hell! The University is more torn up every summer! Once we got there, we found that one of the curves of the track was covered with a tarp, except, thankfully, for lane 1. Such obstacles!

Bwana called for a low volume, but tough little workout, especially the second half: 4X200 at a hard pace (kick pace) with meters very slow rest. Nice long rest, right? Well as soon as you get done with that last 200, jog 100 meters to the 300 meter start line and do 4X300 at 5K pace with just 100 meter rest between. Those hard 200s really set you up. Like starting a 5K too fast to get ahead of the pack, then trying to find your pace.

Bwana will be away next week. Head to the HS track unless there’s thunderstorm weather, in which case go to the MSF. Have a great week and see you on July 7.