Written by Bwana Bwana

June 16, 2016

The skies were heavy and threatening as Judd Michael, Lance Bland, Rich Harter, Joel Niemann, Adam Ilgen, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. Bwana met an athletic trainer at the track gate who said she was going to lock up the gate shortly. She also mentioned that she had information that the track would be torn up next week as the beginning of the replacement project. So, without even the State High track being available until at least the following week, it looks like we’ll be indoors at the MSF at least next week.

Indoors is where everyone else should have been. As Bwana was warming up, he heard the pelting sound of a strong shower on the metal roof of the MSF. Bwana peaked outside and saw several rather senseless individuals circuiting the track and several more just coming down the hill from Rec Hall. Bwana motioned for them to come in. Yes. He had to motion and yell. Bwana swears, the only reason he knew they weren’t a flock of turkeys is that they didn’t look up at the sky as rain began, open their mouths in confusion, and drown. Michael Goldfine and Jonathan Rice came inside, but Marty Klanchar stayed outside and may have drowned. The rest of the Rec Hallers hightailed it somewhere else.

Indoors, Bwana gave the old standby indoor NX3X300: N sets of 3X300 with very short rests between the 300s and a longer between sets. Bwana set N=3. As he proceeded through the workout, Bwana had to deal with the effects of rain-numbed brains, as a couple of the codgers in the group (not mentioning any names) had to be told to look alive and get the hell out of the running lane. Sheesh, it was like shopping at Wegmans on the afternoon of first of the month. Clear the aisle, geezer!

Vacation season is starting. Michael Goldfine is heading to Spain to do a wine-besotted pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostela. Bwana will be going to a family reunion camp out the week after next. And everyone else will no doubt have their turn. Bwana will try to keep you informed as best he can regarding the track venue as the summer progresses.