Written by Bwana Bwana

May 26, 2016

It was the first “hot” day of the year, appropriately occurring just before the Memorial Day weekend ushers in the start of Summer. Jim Myers, Judd Michael, Costas Maranas, Michael Goldfine, Mike Casper, Alex Wouden, Mike Martin, Callie Burke, Joel Niemann, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, newcomer Jonathan Rice, and Marty Mazur headed to the track under hazy skies. Costas Maranas got his workout in early and was finishing just as Bwana pulled up. Some time Tracker Richard Weyer was doing his own workout in the outside lane, and Mike Zimmerman, Dean Capone, Meira Minard, and Bob Shafer made a perfunctory pass by the track, but could not be convinced that it was an ideal day for a workout, probably because it was an ideal day for Zimmerman’s birthday and that group was just trying to find a dunk tank for him. Bwana suggested the feed troughs at the pig farm across the street, but that just never washes out. Never.

Jonathan is a student from South Carolina who is taking summer classes at Penn State. He’s more than used to the heat, and the workout pace, since he’s on the track team at Wofford College. Bwana gave a pretty tough, but compact workout to start the season’s heat acclimation: the Mini-Frontloader - 2 X (800-200-200-200). Run the 800 at 5K race pace, then after just 100 m jogging rest hit 3X200 at 5K kick pace (if you can) with just 100 m rest between. It’s basically a couple of 1400 m runs with short rests breaking them up. You should be still recovering from the 800 as you work your way through the 200s. Not a bad way to start the Summer!

Who’s doing the Memorial Day Weekend Double? That is, running the Black Mo 10K (or 5K) on Saturday, then the Boalsburg 3.8 Miler on Monday? If you do, then "Gunga Lagunga": Bwana hereby grants you Total Conscious on your deathbed. So you’ll have that going for you. If not, run at least one of the races. And enjoy your burgers and beer. Stay safe in your travels. And we’ll get back to training for Arts Fest Weather when we resume.

By the way, we’ll definitely be on the outdoor track next week because we’ll be warming up the track for Special Olympics participants. After that, who knows? There may be bulldozers ripping up the old track right away to get ready for a new track. If so, we may move to the high school track, because by then the kids will be done.