July 8: Indans at Spring Creek Park

We are still having fun on Tuesday night at 6:00. Last night we ran 30 minutes of Indians out at Spring Creek park.  The group was made up of 17 runners (mostly women) and we ran out the bike path to Branch road and turned around and ran back.  Some of the Indians dropped off on the way out but we picked them up on the way back. Pam Scott brought some goodies so we all got our calories back after the run. Jerry Steffy lead the group with Denise Weaver, Liz Bosak, Jessica Charles, Kim Daniels, Vicki Summers, Jessica Savrock, A new comer Kate Ryan, Cornnia Lyncha, Steve Lyncha, Miruna Sasuclark, Kathernie Stamps( or Michell), Jamine Fleddrjohann, Claudia Nau, Lu Sun, David DeGroote.

Next week Hill work at Slab Cabin.

- Jerry

July 1: Sunset Park Poker Run

We had 15 runners at Sunset Park for our "Poker Run" -- run 5 laps around a course and pick up a card each lap.  At the end of five laps you see who has the best poker hand:
  • Steve Lyncha was the first to finish but only had a pair of 4s.
  • Pam Scott was second had a pair of aces.
  • Clauda Nau  was third had Queen high.
  • Micheal Weismiller was four with pair of three's.
  • Miruna Sasuclark was fifth but only had a pair ofJacks.
  • Jerry Steffy was sixth and had three nine's.
  • Dave DeGroote was seventh but only had one Ace.
  • Michelle Chrisensen was eighth with a pair of 4s.
  • Jessica Savrock fished ninth with a pair of Jack's.
  • Lu Sun run in tenth place but was the big winner with a straight.
  • Kim Daniels came in next but only had ace high.
  • Denise Weaver was 12th but only had pair of 7s.
  • Corinna Lyncha was the next one in only had a pair of 4ss.
  • Liz Bosak was next with king high.
  • Jasmine Fleddejohan came in with a pair of Aces.

- Jerry

October 24: Time to Move!

We are now done with running at Welch Pool on Tuesday nights. We are now at Rec. Hall at 6:30 pm. We had our last run last night we did 4x800. Some of us are running Thursday night at Rec. Hall to get ready for the 1/2 Marathon in December. We'll also be doing Saturday morning group runs at 8:30 AM from Rec Hall during the winter until April next year. We will still let you know what happens on Saturdays with our group. 


Beginners Group Tuesday Evening Run


We're currently looking for a leader for the Beginner Group.

Here's the Beginners Group Tuesday Evening workout schedule from 2012. 

Read more: Beginners Group Tuesday Evening Run

September 26: Fall is Here!

It was a great night for 1/2-mile repeats on the bike trail by Welch Pool. Twelve intrepid souls showed up for the workout. We had one new runner come who enjoyed the group run. Dave DeGroote was the official timer. We also recruited a new member to the running club, Miruna Sasuclark. She is a nutritionist and would be interested in doing a  seminar on Nutrition. Next week we are looking at some Hill work to get us ready for the Mountainback. Dave will also be leading the workout. You can also show up Saturday 8:30 at Welch Pool for an easy run see you there.