Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Homestead Park 5K

The Wahoo Beginner's Group did the Homestead park 5K last night. We had six runners and one timer. Jerry Steffy, Pam Scott, Sarah Reinhard, new comer Rich Bundro, Jenn Kruk, and Karen Weiss ran well in the heat and sun. The timer Michelle Christensen got every body's time and no one was overheated. We are still looking for more beginners to run with us, so please get the word out whenever you can!

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: A Hot One at Homestead!

This Tuesday night was a lot better then the last two Tuesdays for the Wahoo beginner group.  We were hot and (sort of) ready to run.  Jerry Steffy, Ethan Knocke, Michelle Christensen, Jenn Kruk, Karen Weiss, and Dave DeGroote all ran 4x.2 in three person relays.  Denise Weaver was there to time the ladies and Jerry timed the men. We were all very hot, but that didn't stop the runners from having a great time.  Next week we are at the same place, same time, for the first 5K run... hope to see more of you there.

Missed The Rain!

This week Jerry was off busy with the State College cross country team, so Denise Weaver took charge of our workout.  Runners met at the Circleville Farm.  Jerry was kind enough to drive up the trail and do a burn out so we'd know where our turnaround was.  We had 5 runners last night Sarah Reinhard, Jessica Savrock, Janice Dauber, newcomer Elena Enache-Pommer and Denise Weaver.  We ran up the trail which was suppose to be a mile, but was only half a mile and back to the parking lot, so the girls decided to head another direction on the bike path towards Blue Course Dr. out on Teaberry heading towards the golf course, but we just looped and headed back out Teaberry to the direction that we came from.  Luckily we missed out on the bad thunderstorm that came thru the area earlier.  Our total mileage was 4 miles and I want to mention on the way back that we spotted a certain someone in his red pickup truck (Jerry) who didn't see us waving to him at the traffic light on the intersection of  Blue Course /Circleville Rd.  Everyone did a super job running last night!  See you next week. Smile

1 Hour Run (Welch Pool)

There was a small turnout for our breezy and chilly workout this evening.  Newcomer Alex was getting tired of running alone, so she decided to come out and join us.  Welcome to the group Alex! We had Pam Scott, Sarah Reinhard, Dave DeGroote, Alex (?) and Denise Weaver. The plan was to run for an hour, but since the Mountainback is just around the corner Denise and the group decided to run 4 miles.  The group ran out on the bike path to Prospector's and back. Dave cut out on us after the first mile :)  He needed to take it easy due to the fact that he is running the Tussey Mountainback as a ultra runner. Good Luck Dave!  Next week will be 1/4 relays from the Waffle Shop (W. College Ave.).  And also a reminder the NVRC will be having their bi-monthly club meeting beginning at 6:30 pm at the Hi-Way Pizza on Westerly Parkway.  All are encouraged to come eat some pizza and maybe drink a little beer.  We ask that everyone puts in a few bucks towards the pizza.  See you all next week!

Poker at Sunset

We had 11 runners for the 3rd annual Poker run.  We had some very bad hands this year.  Half of the hands were nothing but high cards the other half were pairs with a high card.  The winner was two pairs Ace's and Kings, Eric Fillerup had that hand.  Liz Compo had a pair of ace's, Lorna Arocena had a pair of two's with King high, Jessica Saurock had a pair of twos with ace high, Paul Ruby a pair of Queen's, Marta Halzell, Denise Weaver, Michelle Christensen, Joanna Kozel, Janice Dawber, were the other runners who only had high cards to win with. Jerry Steffy was there to make sure that no one dealt from the bottom of the deck. The 5 laps around Sunset Park was an easy run, and no one got hurt.  Next week we are at Spring Creek Park for more Indians. We are meeting at the Houserville entrance. see you next week. Jerry