Wahoo Beginners Group: At The Boalsburg Military Park

August 10, 2010

We had 7 runners tonight and 2 were new. Ivan and Fernand, the new guys, were joined by Dave, Karen, Jerry, Ethan, and Sheny. We ran 6x400, 6 each so 1 1/2 mile per person, 3 person relay's. 1/2 mile warm up and 1/2 cool down. Ivan, Sheny and Dave ran it in 31.24, Jerry, Karen and Ethan ran it in 31.10, and it was very close the whole way. We had great fun and are looking forward to next week at Circleville and Park Hills for 1 mile repeats. See you then!

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Spring Creek Indians

July 13, 2010

We had 11 little indians last night at Spring Creek Park.  We had two new people last night Sarah Nix, and Christy Kline to try to run indians.  David Lloyd, Sheny Li, Susan Mohammed, Ashrey Cooper, Denise Weaver, Rich Bundro, Jerry Steffy, Dave DeGroote, Michelle Christensen.  The run was very warm and sticky, but we did alright.  When we finished we had a visitor waiting for us, Pam Scott with her bad foot and Crutch's.  Jerry


Wahoo Beginners Running Group: 6x 400's

What a great turnout for our workout Tuesday night at the State College High School track. We had Ethan & his girfriend, Sara, Kurt, Michelle, Denise and newcomers Kevin, Kaitlin and 3 another gentlemen that I am so sorry that I didn't catch their names.  The workout was 6x400's and everyone did such a SUPER job at the track even though it was so hot!  Runners split up into a team of 2 with the exception of Michelle, Kaitlin & Denise who ran as one team. The times were super awesome with average paces ranging between a 5+ min./pace to 8:31 min./pace.
See you next week.  Denise

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Hot Poker Night

July 6, 2010

We all had hot hands for the Tuesday night run at Sunset Park last night, so we did a poker run to try to cool them off. Ten of us tried to run the best cards to get the best hands. We had one newcomer to the group, Susan Mohammed. She ran very well, but the cards were not so good. She drew an Ace high only. Denise Weaver ran well,but could only draw 8 high. Dave LLoyd is a second weeker and drew Jack high. Karen Weiss 10 high. Dave Degroote King high. Rick Bundro drew a pair of 7's Queen high. Michelle Christensen finally got a pair of 4's ( she has done this run for four years and this is the first time she has had two cards alike. I got a pair of Jacks, King high but they were not high enough. The two who had the best hands were Pam Scott with a pair of Queens 8 high, and Ethan Knocke with a pair of Queens, Jack high. We also had an injury when Pam stepped wrong and injured her foot. We are hoping it is not broken. Other than that we all had a great time and are looking forward to next year's game. We will be at Spring Creek Park next week for Indians. Hope to see you there! Run well. Jerry   

Wahoo Beginners Running Group: Ladder Relays

We had another newcomer to the group last night Jenny Deutsch. Thank you to Tom Cali for telling her about the group. The group ran 2 person relay's of ladders: 200,400,600,800, 600,400, and 200. The group did well. Ethan Knocke and Sheng Zui ran 26:50 for their relay. Jerry Steffy and Ashley Cooper were next with 30:07. Michelle Christensen and Karen Weiss did 32:34. Pam Scott and new comer Jenny Deutsch finished next with 39:30. We are having a great time, next week we are running fox and hound on campus meet at the outdoor track. Run great! Jerry.