Published: 01 October 2009 01 October 2009

There was a small turnout for our breezy and chilly workout this evening.  Newcomer Alex was getting tired of running alone, so she decided to come out and join us.  Welcome to the group Alex! We had Pam Scott, Sarah Reinhard, Dave DeGroote, Alex (?) and Denise Weaver. The plan was to run for an hour, but since the Mountainback is just around the corner Denise and the group decided to run 4 miles.  The group ran out on the bike path to Prospector's and back. Dave cut out on us after the first mile :)  He needed to take it easy due to the fact that he is running the Tussey Mountainback as a ultra runner. Good Luck Dave!  Next week will be 1/4 relays from the Waffle Shop (W. College Ave.).  And also a reminder the NVRC will be having their bi-monthly club meeting beginning at 6:30 pm at the Hi-Way Pizza on Westerly Parkway.  All are encouraged to come eat some pizza and maybe drink a little beer.  We ask that everyone puts in a few bucks towards the pizza.  See you all next week!