Published: 08 July 2009 08 July 2009
We had 11 runners for the 3rd annual Poker run.  We had some very bad hands this year.  Half of the hands were nothing but high cards the other half were pairs with a high card.  The winner was two pairs Ace's and Kings, Eric Fillerup had that hand.  Liz Compo had a pair of ace's, Lorna Arocena had a pair of two's with King high, Jessica Saurock had a pair of twos with ace high, Paul Ruby a pair of Queen's, Marta Halzell, Denise Weaver, Michelle Christensen, Joanna Kozel, Janice Dawber, were the other runners who only had high cards to win with. Jerry Steffy was there to make sure that no one dealt from the bottom of the deck. The 5 laps around Sunset Park was an easy run, and no one got hurt.  Next week we are at Spring Creek Park for more Indians. We are meeting at the Houserville entrance. see you next week. Jerry