Published: 24 June 2009 24 June 2009
We had 8 teams last night at the Penn State track.  We did 2 person relay ladder's of 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200.   Dave DeGroote and Kate Ryan came in first with 25:55 (Kate came back to run with us again).  Mike Weismiller and Michell Swopes were second with 26:45 (this was Michell's first time with us and we hope she will be back next week).  Eric Fillerup and Jana Emmer were next with 27:15 (Jana has been with us for two or three weeks - nice to have her with us).  Lori Miles and Beth Pfahl came next with 27: 54 - they won the last two weeks but not this.  Michelle Christtensen and Jessica Wekke finished next with 29:00.  Jessica is back with us - it's great to have her back.  Janice Druber, Pam Scott and Jerry steffy ran as a team - Pam was working on coming back and Jerry jumped in to get a couple laps in - they ran 30:25.  Jan Greenland and Denise Weaver ran very well and finished seventh with 32:15 (it was the first time for Jan last night).  We also had two more new runners last night, Smitha Shetty and Satashu Goel and we didn't scare them off we hope.  They ran the whole work out and finished well for first timers at 36:40.  We had a great time, the warm sunny weather helped.  Next week we are at the PSU track, but not for a track work out - we are doing our annual creamery run.  So bring a little money for some Ice Cream after the work out.  This is the Fox and Hound run.  See you next week Jerry