Published: 17 June 2009 17 June 2009
We had 10 runners showed up last night even with the threat of rain to do 2 person relay 1/4's. Pam Scott was with us to help time. Janice Dawber/Mike Weismiller with a 9:39 for 1 1/2 mile, Lori Miles/Beth Pfahl with 9:35 for first place, Jerry Steffy/Marta Hatzell was a close second with 9:37, Michelle Christensen/Liz Compo was Fourth with 10:38, and Denise Weaver/Sharon Lester-fry fifth with11:23. We had a great time, we had to run fast because the Nittney valley youth track club was having a meet. This week Lori would not let anyone get close to her so no one could cut her off. Next week we will be at PSU track doing short latters 200,400,600,800, and back down. See you next week Jerry.