Published: 03 June 2009 03 June 2009
We did not get any rain last night so the 5k run was enjoyable for most. We had 17 runners run the distance. Lorna Arocena ran 24:26, with Paul Ruby right behind her 24:46, Sarah Reinhard ran 25:00, Mike Weismiller was 25:42 with Jerry Steffy 25:54, Michelle Christensen 26:46, Eric Fillerup 27:14, Jessica Savrock work hard to run 27:18, Pam Scott coming back from a bad spring run 27:24, with Dave DeGroote running 27:25, Sarah Bender one of our new runners ran 28:20, Catherine Meyers did 28:12, Denise Weaver ran 29:14, with Mary Conner-righter at 29:15, Janice Dauber who did not think she could run well did 30:40, with Lori Miles & Tawnya Meraglia running 31:24's to finish the workout.  We are at "Tudek Park next week for some 1/4's.  Hope to see you there and that it does not rain. Jerry