Written by Denise Weaver Denise Weaver
Published: 19 May 2009 19 May 2009

Jerry Steffy was feeling under the weather and could not make it for the group workout, so Denise Weaver took the challenge of leading the group's workout.  We had a super turnout tonight with 20 runners! It was a hot evening for running, but at least it didn't rain. The workout was a 2 person relay doing 4 x 1/4's at the State College high school track. Denise Weaver took the times and the results are as follows: Dave DeGroote & Jessica Savrock (12:31), Mike Weismiller & Sarah Bender (13:00), Sarah Reinhard & Marta Hatzell (13:10),Paul Rudy & Eric Fillerup (13:45), Kate Ryan & Michelle Christenson (14:20), Jana Emmer & Cathenne Meyers (14:30), Pam Scott & Mary Conner-Righter (14:35), Janice Dauber & Lorna Arocena (15:03), Lori Miles & Mandi Stamm (15:16) and late starter Aaron Roggla ran 2 miles around the track. For it being so warm everyone did a awesome job! Next week we will be meeting at Homestead Park for a 3 person .2 relay.  See you all there. Smile