Published: 15 August 2006 15 August 2006
We didn't have anyone new today, but I did get a sign in. We had at least 12 people show up for the workout. We started at the parking lot at Spring Creek Park, and ran over the bridge and out to the bike path and followed it all the way to Slab Cabin Park, somewhere around 1.25 to 1.5 miles they figured. We carried a water bottle in each hand. When we arrived at Slab Cabin, we dumped the water bottles into Steve's jeep, then went over to the gargantuan mother of all hills (I'm a fan of power hill workouts). I believe everyone managed to get in 4 sprints up the hill, some of us did 5, but they were all allowed to go up as far as they could handle. When we finished, we ran back to the park (minus the water bottles). We opted not to do the cryogenics or plyogenics or plyometrics, or whatever you call them. hehehe. I figured the burn in our thighs and buttocks would be enough to cover the plyos effect, hope you'll forgive us! ! The path was beautiful, thanks to Jessica for the suggestion!!  Everyone did a great job!!  Thanks to Steve for his help and the water bottle donations!!