Route: Art's Festival "Official" 10 Miler Course
Mileage: 10 Miles.
Hillage: Mostly gently rolling, but a few challenging hills.

Largest Climb: 90 ft
Average Grade: 2%.
Notable hills:

In the first 4.5 miles, the 10 Miler is a lot like the 10K, with a couple of easy loops added at the beginning. It rejoins the 10K course with 2.5 miles to go. The intervening 3 miles takes you off campus a bit on a long bike path excursion. The terrain in this section is a slight climb followed by a long, gradual downhill and a flat mile or so before the final climb as the course links back to the 10K course.


Note: This course was precisely measured. Map distances shown at the mapping web site links are approximate, but close to these precise measurements.

Note: This is the course used in most recent years for the Arts Fest 10 Miler. Some years, due to University road construction, a different course may have to be used. In those years, that course is linked on the Arts Fest race pagess.

10 Mile: Start on Porter Rd near Medlar Field, on the north side of Curtin Rd. Head south on Porter Rd. Make an immediate right on Curtin Rd. Take Curtin to University making a left on the east sidewalk. Take University to Dauer Drive (1 block). Make a left. Take Dauer to Porter Rd and make a left heading back toward the starting line. Run this loop a second time by going left on Curtin, left on University, and left on Dauer. The second time at Porter, go right. Take Porter to Hastings Rd and go right on Hastings. Veer left as Hastings turns uphill. At the top of the hill, follow Hastings as it goes right. Continue on Hastings as it crosses University. At the five road intersection at Bigler Rd, make a left onto McKean. Take Mckean to Mifflin Rd, about 350 east of Shortlidge Rd. Go right on Mifflin. Make a left on Pollock. There is a water stop at Shortlidge and Pollock (3.2 miles). Continue on Pollock to Burrowes Rd. Cross Burrowes Rd and head over the IST Building Bridge to West Campus. At the far west end ot the IST Bridge is the second water stop (almost 4 miles).On the west side of the bridge, go left and follow the extension of Barnard St south. Make the right onto the parking lot road about 150 yards later. Follow the parking lot road as it becomes West Campus Dr. When West Campus Rd. ends, continue on the dirt path that borders the golf course. Just before the bridge over Corl Rd, there is a split between the 10K and 10 Mile courses. DO NOT bear right but continue over the bridge. Take the path until it T's at Blue Course Dr. This is about the half-way point, 5 miles. Make a right onto the bike path along Blue Course Dr. Follow the bike path along Blue Course for about a mile-and-a-half. After crossing Teaberry Ln, the path moves away from Blue Course and winds behind Radio Park Elementary and finally past homes in the lower section of University Heights. At about 7.5 miles into the course, the path T's. Go left up the hill to Park Ave. Coninue on the path along Park Ave to N. Atherton. Go right at North Atherton, following the path to White Course Drive. Cross White Course Drive, make a right, and follow the path along White Course as it bends to the left around the IST parking lot. At the plaza at the west end of the IST Bridge, you will pass the second water stop again, now at 8.2 miles. Cross the IST Bridge and then continue east on Pollock Rd to Shortlidge Rd. where the last water stop is (8.9 miles). Turn left (north) on Shortlidge Rd. and continue up the hill to Curtin Rd. Go right (east) on Curtin and head to the finish line at the east end of Beaver Stadium.

Water Stops: There are three water stops. Runners pass two of them twice, so water is available five times on the course, at 3.1, 3.9, 6.6, 8.2, and 9 miles.

Mile Marks:

On Porter Rd at the northeast corner of Beaver Stadium north of Curtin Rd.
Mile 1
On Porter Rd. just south of Curtin on completion of the first loop of the Bryce Jordan Center lots
Mile 2
On Porter Rd. about halfway between Dauer Rd and Hastings Rd.
Mile 3
On McKean Rd just before the turn onto Mifflin Rd.
Mile 4
On the Barnard St. extension about halfway between the turn off the IST Bridge and the parking lot road.
Mile 5
On the bike path on the south side of the Blue Golf Course just past the Clubhouse Rd.
Mile 6
On Blue Course Dr. about a quarter mile before Westwind Dr.
Mile 7
On the bike path in University Heights, about 0.1 miles after the sharp little climb out of the flood plain.
Mile 8
On N. Atherton St aout 350 ft before White Course Dr.
Mile 9
On Shortlidge Rd about 350 ft north of the turn from Pollock.
Mile 10      
Same finish as 5K and 10K races.
Remarks: The Art's Festival 10K course has moved frequently over over the years due to the continual on-campus construction boom. For 2007, we moved the starting line to the east side of campus to be close to one of our sponsoring organization, the State College Spikes. The Spikes' home, Medlar Field, will be the site of the Arts Fest Kids Races.The 10 Mile race was added back to the Arts Fest Schedule in 2013 after a 27-year hiatus.
10 Mile Map:

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10 Mile Profile: profile-af10m

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Revised: 04/19/15

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