April 10, 2016
Rothrock State Forest

It was cool but calm for this run and there was a dusting of snow on the roadsides for 37 runners en route to Whipple Dam. Patrick Singletary glided along the route to come in just 50 seconds shy of a new course record. Jeff Lynn was second and Scott Peterson was third.

In the women’s race, Meira Minard cruised in for the win, followed by Jo Ohm in second and Alexandria Housel in third.

Congratulations are due to all, but especially to runners like Ross Seagram, for whom this was his longest run ever.

Improvement-wise over last year, Jeff Schiesler improved his game by one minute, Mike Zimmerman by around 90 seconds, Tom Cali by 4 full minutes, and John Iceland by 5 minutes.

In recent years there have been “repeat” up-and-down assaults of the hill on Laurel Run Road during March’s Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K. Last month, Mike Renz did an unprecedented four (4 times 6.2 miles) ascents.

Lately on this 11-mile route, there have been some adventurous runners who put in 11 “warmup” miles from Whipple Dam to the start. Today, Jake Clements, Dan Coughlin and Lincoln Kennedy put in a respectable 22 miles.

But no one has done more than that—until today. At 5:55 a.m., Mike Renz departed from Tussey on foot for a peppy out-and-back (that’s 22 miles) before the official start. He was right on time for the group start, and completed his third 11-mile jaunt at a 9:27 pace. Note the ice on Whipple Lake behind Mike.

Hats off to two key Tusssey Teasers Series sponsors. Soon after finishing, indefatigable runner and devoted series sponsor Tom Cali, of CaliKline - RE/MAX Centre Realty, with nary a day off from work, was on his way to meet with a client. Thanks also to series sponsor Subway for the party sub, which was handily consumed by participants under clear blue skies at Whipple Dam’s stone patio.

Attendance at this series is growing. Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 is a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing after Teaser #5, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

The next Tussey Teaser is the Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K on May 7, a bona-fide race with age- and gender-graded results and awards, team competition, tech shirts, a bus ride to the starting line, and net-elevation-loss, run on Leg 4 of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course, but in reverse.

To register for the Sidewinder 10K and get details on the remaining Teasers, visit http://www.tusseymountainback.com/tussey_teasers.html.

pix teaser2 16 start

Runners line up at Tussey Mountain for the start

pix teaser2 16 alexander

Jacob Alexander displays distinctive fashion style on the way to the finish

pix teaser2 16 cheung

Danna Cheung is quietly exuberant as she completes the run

pix teaser2 16 housel schiesler

Alexandria Housel and Jeff Schiesler are pleased to reach the finish

pix teaser2 16 trio

Alex Mattern, Ross Seagram and Jessica Meyer after Ross’s longest run ever

pix teaser2 16 meira pat

Winners Meira Minard and Patrick Singletary display the spoils of victory

pix teaser2 16 renzstud

Mike Renz, 33 miles later, stands in front of ice-covered Lake Whipple


Overall Order of Finish

Place  First Name     Last Name     City              Sex Age    Time
—————  ——————————     —————————     ————              ——— ———    ————
 1     Patrick        Singletary    State College      M   50   1:09:13
 2     Jeff           Lynn          Slippery Rock      M   48   1:17:23
 3     Scott          Peterson      Fort Collins, CO   M   26   1:18:20
 4     Jacob          Alexander     State College      M   40   1:18:50
 5     Mike           Zimmerman     State College      M   35   1:21:35
 6     Dan            Coughlin      State College      M   39   1:22:48
 7     Seth           Senior        State College      M   29   1:22:55
 8     Meira          Minard        State College      F   42   1:22:57
 9     Alan           Effrig        State College      M   37   1:26:32
10     Tom            Cali          State College      M   60   1:27:26
11     Jo             Ohm           State College      F   24   1:28:15
12     Ron            Burket        Philipsburg        M   55   1:28:16
13     John           Iceland       State College      M   45   1:31:47
14     Hans           Derr          Warriors Mark      M   57   1:33:19
15     Alexandria     Housel        Port Matilda       F   35   1:33:54
16     Jeff           Schiesler     Port Matilda       M   60   1:33:54
17     Stephen        Baird         State College      M   38   1:35:10
18     Lincoln        Kennedy       State College      M   23   1:38:45
19     Chad           Brown         Red Lion           M   44   1:40:56
20     Huaibin        Zhang         State College      M   27   1:40:56
21     Mike           Renz          Port Matilda       M   39   1:41:59
22     Jake           Clements      State College      M   36   1:41:59
23     Kate           Clancy        State College      F   23   1:43:54
24     Adam           Ilgen         State College      M   28   1:43:54
25     Diane          Swauger       Port Matilda       F   40   1:44:48
26     John           Pringle       State College      M   54   1:49:48
27     Vanda          Mikone Hurny  Boalsburg          F   38   1:52:18
28     Lorella        Thomas        Boalsburg          F   53   1:52:18
29     Seth           Volpe         Hollidaysburg      M   33   1:52:27
30     Jessica        Meyer         State College      F   29   1:56:52
31     Ross           Seagram       State College      M   25   1:56:52
32     Alex           Mattern       State College      F   24   1:56:52
33     Carolyn        Gardner       State College      F   40   1:59:10
34     Tracy          Clouthier     State College      F   28   1:59:46
35     Mark           Meredith      State College      M   37   1:59:58
36     Danna          Cheung        State College      F   23   2:21:50
37     Johanna        Steinbacher   State College      F   37   2:23:17