Colyer Lake
June 7, 2015

mettle – vigor and strength of spirit or temperament; staying quality

Twenty-seven runners took on the rolling out-and-back route on Treaster Kettle Road on this pleasant and sunny Sunday.

Patrick Singletary was the first to finish for the men, just 2:40 slower than the CR he posted last year. Singletary pulled away from Costas Maranas during the steep uphill around mile 4. He finished less than three minutes ahead of Maranas, who took second. Michael Zimmerman was less than a minute behind in third.

Sayard Tanis, of Dauphin, ran the third fastest women’s time ever in her first outing on this course. In April, Tanis posted a new CR at the Tussey-to-Whipple 11 Miler. Binky Lush took second, and Paula Jech third.

“The course kept me interested and I felt like it was a great mix of up and down,” recalled Tanis. “I love mountains, so I love climbs and downhills, too!  I had looked at the basic elevation profile so I'd know a general idea of what to expect.  Also, with runs in the mountains, I usually count on there being ‘false summits’ thrown in there for extra fun.  I pretty much planned to see how I felt the first half (since I'd raced Rothrock the day before, I wanted to "ask" my body how it was feeling about racing again). Then I decided to start trying to pick up the pace on the way back.  I started pushing the hardest around the 8 mile mark, since I was feeling good and wanted to finish strong.”

Several runners had noteworthy results. Zimmerman whittled more than 2 minutes off his 2014 time, and David Lloyd shaved 7+ minutes off his time from last year.

A big thanks to Subway for tasty post-run party subs. Thanks to Matt Griffin and Carol Shirk for finish line and photo assistance.

The final Tussey Teaser of the season, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon, will take place June 21.

pix teaser4 15 start

Runners line up before the start

pix teaser4 15 singletary

Pat Singletary cruises to victory

pix teaser4 15 tanis

Sayard Tanis was the fastest woman, beating Alan Effrig on the home stretch

pix teaser4 15 ilgen

Adam Ilgen was a strong finisher in his first Test-Your-Mettle

pix teaser4 15 pjech

Paula Jech and her husband Tom were the two oldest mettle-ists

pix teaser4 15 tjech

Tom Jech may have to be reported to the authorities for owning a handicap parking tag, since he ran up and down a mountain

pix teaser4 15 subway

Subway has always been a proud sponsor of the Tussey Teaser Series

Timing by the Nittany Valley Running Club

Overall Order of Finish

Place Name                Age   Sex  Town               Time
————— ————                ———   ———  ————               ————
 1    Patrick Singletary   49    M   State College     1:09:34
 2    Costas Maranas       47    M   State College     1:12:15
 3    Michael Zimmerman    35    M   State College     1:13:30
 4    Sayard Tanis         33    F   Dauphin           1:14:25
 5    Alan Effrig          36    M   State College     1:14:29
 6    Brian Garthwaite     35    M   Lewisburg         1:15:48
 7    Eric Taber           24    M   State College     1:21:19
 8    Robert Shaver        54    M   Loganton          1:22:09
 9    Tom Cali             60    M   State College     1:27:57
10    Mikey Jiang          24    M   Boalsburg         1:29:12
11    Adam Ilgen           27    M   State College     1:31:35
12    Michael Goldfine     59    M   Lemont            1:36:55
13    David DeGroote       57    M   State College     1:37:55
14    Brent Kelsey         47    M   Huntingdon        1:43:56
15    Aric Sponsler        38    M   State College     1:47:00
16    George Conrad        38    M   Huntingdon        1:47:00
17    Matt Smith           51    M   State College     1:47:00
18    Binky Lush           51    F   Spring Mills      1:50:31
19    Gar Hong             36    M   State College     1:50:37
20    Rob Shirk            53    M   Altoona           1:52:59
21    David Lloyd          45    M   State College     1:53:57
22    Paula Jech           71    F   State College     1:56:05
23    Tracy Clouthier      27    F   State College     1:58:02
24    Erik Schmalz         25    M   State College     2:06:11
25    Erin Welsh           28    F   Jersey Shore      2:22:26
26    Amanda Wallace       27    F   Jersey Shore      2:22:27
27    Tom Jech             71    M   State College     2:30:44