Linden Hall, PA
May 3, 2015

Accuweather predicted “delightful” weather for the 2015 Linden Loop, and the sun was beaming between large, billowy clouds. One hundred fourteen participants turned up, including 32 runners, 20 walkers, 16 riders for the 5-mile loop and 46 riders for the 28-mile supported ride. Temps were pushing over 70, but cloud cover during the second half of the run and a light cross wind helped cool things a bit.

The scenic run takes in pastoral countryside, including rolling farm fields and the picturesque, meandering Cedar Run that cuts through the valley between Brush Valley Road and Linden Hall Road.

Proceeds from the Linden Loop event support the continued work developing and maintaining the historic Rock Hill School at Linden Hall as an active community center and bicycle rest stop.

A volunteer stationed at the school rang the school bell each time a participant turned the corner from Brush Valley Road onto Rock Hill Road.

Women outnumbered men in taking on the challenging 5-mile run.

Costas Maranas and Patrick Singletary took the lead in the men’s race.

“It was a good race,” said Maranas. “I stayed behind Pat the whole race. I tried to close the gap in the last mile, but I was too tired.”

Singletary won by just 4 seconds.

Jackie Feffer, of Boalsburg, won the women’s race. She had planned on an 8 minute pace.

“I felt really energized in the beginning of the race.” Feffer recalled. “Because I mostly do 5Ks, I'm used to shorter, faster runs, so I think that's why my starting pace was so fast. The first two miles were my best, but in the third I started slowing down a bit. It was the hardest mile for me. In the fourth, I glimpsed behind me and saw others in the distance, which helped me pick it back up. In the fifth mile I really just gave everything I had left and kicked it in.

A freshman at State College Area High School, Feffer ran cross country last fall and indoor track in the winter. “However, I am currently taking a break from track due to AP tests that I need to study for. Although I don't do as rigorous workouts, I still run every morning and do races some weekends.”

Christine Dorman, of Pine Grove Mills, ran her longest distance ever.

Current initiatives at the Rock Hill School at Linden Hall include extensive landscaping, a permanent sign, and paving the driveway.


pix linden15 runstart

Runners at the start

pix linden15 bikestart

Start of the bike ride

pix linden15 costas pat

Just 4 seconds separated winner Pat Singletary (left) from Costas Maranas

pix linden15 ladieswinner

Jackie Feffer, the top female finisher, won by a more comfortable 21 seconds


Overall Order of Finish

Place   Name               Age  Sex   Town               Time
—————   ————               ———  ———   ————               ————
 1      Patrick Singletar  49     M   State College      30:30
 2      Costas Maranas     47     M   State College      30:34
 3      Michael Janik      39     M   State College      36:06
 4      Jim Sellmer        54     M   State College      37:20
 5      Manish Kumar       38     M   State College      37:39
 6      Mike Casper        56     M   State College      40:08
 7      Jackie Feffer      15     F   Boalsburg          41:02
 8      Bill Hessert       52     M   Port Matilda       41:09
 9      Christine Dorman   46     F   Pine Grove Mill    41:23
10      Luke Levis         39     M   State College      41:24
11      Sera Mazza         14     F   Centre Hall        41:36
12      Mariya Kadiev      40     F   State College      42:21
13      Sue Mazza          49     F   Centre Hall        44:22
14      Gregory Garner     31     M   State College      44:55
15      Mark Brady         49     M   Bellefonte         45:34
16      Bridget O'Meara    26     F   State College      45:40
17      Dawn Jimeson       36     F   State College      45:56
18      Jenna Spinelle     28     F   State College      48:28
19      Sammy Keiler       16     M   Boalsburg          48:58
20      Michel Haigh       38     F   State College      49:47
21      Jamie Stocker      33     F   State College      51:46
22      Mark Tabaka        42     M   State College      52:26
23      Samantha Pape      32     F   Pawtucket, RI      53:58
24      John Coupland      46     M   State College      54:20
25      Evelyn Tyan        21     F   State College      56:53
26      Andra Reed         27     F   State College      57:29
27      Sue Thorne         60     F   State College      56:14
28      Alison Bell        51     F   State College    1:01:19
29      Marlene Stetson    56     F   Boalsburg        1:01:20
30      Naomie LaBrecque   37     F   State College    1:02:56
31      Mitchell Schmidt   56     M   State College    1:02:57
32      Laurie Voinchet    52     F   State College    1:14:00

    Males = 14
    Females = 18