Rothrock State Forest
April 12, 2015

It was mild for this run and there was no snow to be seen en route to Whipple Dam. Sayard Tanis plunged through the course and knocked more than 5 minutes off the women’s course mark that had stood since 2009. Josh Litofsky claimed first in the men’s race.

Lydia Hayes ran her first miles in Rothrock this day, and Eva Pauli did the same. Several runners did the double, running first from Whipple to Tussey, then joining the rest on this run back to the lake: including John Iceland, Adam Ilgen, Bob Shafer and Mike Zimmerman.

Thanks to Barb Kelsey for assistance with picking up the party subs, registration, and recording finishers. Thanks to Subway for support of this run series.

Those who run all five “official” Teasers (#1-#5, February’s #0 run being a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing after Teaser #5, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

The next Tussey Teaser is May 9, the age- and gender-graded race, the Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K, run in reverse on Leg 4 of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course.

For details on the remaining Teasers, visit

pix tussey2 15 winners

Winners Sayard Tanis and Josh Litofsky revel in the spring weather

pix tussey2 15 hayes

Lydia Hayes completes her first-ever run in Rothrock State Forest

pix tussey2 15 pauli

Eva Pauli, a visiting student from Germany, is all smiles after her first run in Rothrock

pix tussey2 15 dogs

Shelley Smeltz (with Maya) and Allison Eisenhower (with Lucy) had double the camaraderie factor

Place First     Last          City           State  Country  Sex Age   Time
————— —————     ————          ————           —————  ———————  ——— ———   ————
 1    Josh      Litofsky      State College    PA      USA    M  23  1:11:56
 2    Andrew    Webb                                 Holland  M  50  1:13:08
 3    Sayard    Tanis         Dauphin          PA      USA    F  33  1:14:15
 4    Colin     Nitroy        Barto            PA      USA    M  21  1:15:18
 5    Mike      Zimmerman     State College    PA      USA    M  34  1:23:09
 6    Bob       Shafer        Bellefonte       PA      USA    M  34  1:23:09
 7    Tom       Cali          State College    PA      USA    M  60  1:31:28
 8    Lincoln   Kennedy       Stq              PA      USA    M  22  1:32:41
 9    Mikey     Jiang         Boalsburg        PA      USA    M  24  1:33:14
10    Jeff      Schiesler     Port Matilda     PA      USA    M  59  1:35:08
11    Mike      Casper        State College    PA      USA    M  56  1:37:13
12    John      Iceland       State College    PA      USA    M  44  1:37:17
13    Lydia     Hayes         Bellefonte       PA      USA    F  28  1:38:53
14    Adam      Ilgen         State College    PA      USA    M  27  1:41:22
15    Brent     Kelsey        Huntingdon       PA      USA    M  46  1:41:27
16    Eva       Pauli         University Park  PA      USA    F  22  1:44:08
17    Barry     Kernfeld      State College    PA      USA    M  64  1:48:45
18    Rob       Shirk         Altoona          PA      USA    M  53  1:56:27
19    Sam       Sullivan      State College    PA      USA    M  25  2:02:06
20    Allison   Eisenhower    Petersburg       PA      USA    F  32  2:02:43
21    Shelley   Smeltz        Bellefonte       PA      USA    F  41  2:02:43
22    Erik      Schmalz       State College    PA      USA    M  25  2:04:25