January 5, 2013

The 2013 Indoor Mile Series started strong,with 25 runners competing, a flood of runners going under 5 minutes, and a new Club record set. The first heat saw a mix of experienced indoor milers, others returning from a long hiatus, as well as some runners giving it a first try. Scott Martell had no idea what he could do, since it had been awhile since he'd toed the line. But he ran away from the competition, taking the heat n 5:20.86. Anne Balogh, a newcomer to the Series, took second in 5:51.30. And Tara Murray, a veteran of the Series, took 3rd in a very respectable first outing of the season, 5:54.84. Marty Mazur, adept at keeping an even keel, decided to pace a few runners who had wanted to finish around 8 minutes. The group mostly found that it was easier than they'd thought and will be looking to lower their times next time out. Richard Wright ran ahead of his pacer and finished in 7:24.03. Marty Mazur, finishing in 7:26.74, had David Lloyd on his heels until the last lap. David ran a PR of 7:33.81. Aisling Ryan was suffering from some calf strain and fell off the pace early, finishing in 8:31. She'll be back to PR in a sub-8 time later in the season.

The fast heat was the fastest ever. NVRC Open and Masters record holder Nick Berra made the trip to defend his title. But he was up against a crew from the PSU XC Club who have obviously been training hard. They usually make a strong showing, but this time they kicked it up a notch. Will Appman, last year's Series second place overall, led from the gun and ran a Club Open record time of 4:23.92, bettering Berra's 2011 record by 0.15 seconds. Nick Berra was second in 4:30.78, a time better than any of his 2012 times. There were 6 finishers under 4:40 and 13 under 5 minutes, a very fast heat. One of them, Matt Manfred, is returning to the Series after a several year hiatus. Matt and his wife Heidi are co-coaches of the Men's and Women's Cross-Country team at Penn State Altoona. Matt won the Series in 2007. Heidi was in the stands with Matt's three kids as he ran, finishing in 4:45.14. Maybe next week it's Heidi's turn?

The Series continues on Saturday, January 12. The first heat will be at 11 AM. Arrive at least a half hour early.

New NVRC Indoor Mile Record Holder Will Appman ran 4:23.92

 Previous NVRC Indoor Mile Record Holder Nick Berra ran 4:30.78 today. He still has the Masters record, which is only 0.15 behind Appman's time.

Some old and new faces, from left to right: Tara Murray, Indoor Mile Series Director Marty Klanchar, Anne Balogh, Marty Mazur. Photo by Cheryl Capone.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Scott Martell           5:20.86
 2.    Anne Balogh             5:51.31
 3.    Tara Murray             5:54.84
 4.    Monica Acosta           5:56.12
 5.    John Iceland            6:19.79 (M)
 6.    Marty Klanchar          6:34.22 (M)
 7.    Richard Wright          7:24.03 (M)
 8.    Marty Mazur             7:26.74 (M)
 9.    David Lloyd             7:33.81 (M)
10.    Aisling Ryan            8:31.43

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Will Appman             4:23.92 (R)
 2.    Nicholas Berra          4:30.78 (M)
 3.    Matt Doutt              4:32.90
 4.    Douglas Jordan          4:35.47
 5.    Dan Craighead           4:36.76
 6.    Paul Grieve             4:38.13
 7.    David Moyer             4:44.56
 8.    Matt Manfred            4:45.14
 9.    Tim Appman              4:46.40
10.    Derek Gerberich         4:46.48
11.    Bob Long                4:48.24
12.    Kenny Roman             4:57.88
13.    Grant Bower             4:59.70
14.    Kevin McClernand        5:01.02
15.    Yu Zhang                5:10.17