June 23, 2013
Alan Seeger Natural Area, Rothrock State Forest, PA

by Mike Casper

A staggering 55 runners and a few enthusiastic cheering family members turned out on a pleasant morning in the shade at Alan Seeger Natural Area in Rothrock State Forest for this first official foray on a big new section of the modified Tussey mOUnTaiNBACk course. This was also the culminating run of the 2013 Tussey Teasers series that began at Colyer Lake with ice underfoot in February. The nighttime low of 67 degrees moved progressively toward the eventual high of 83, but the early start and ample shade on most of the route helped keep conditions tolerable.

The Eager Seeger course begins at the intersection of Seeger Road and Stone Creek Road. The official start of Leg 6 of the mOUnTaiNBACK course is about ½ mile west on Stone Creek Road. Today, runners did the long climb part of the new Leg 6 and then the full Legs 7 & 8 before turning left (now off the 50 mile course) on Stone Creek Road to reach 13.1 and cool down the ½ mile back to the shade of the pavilion.

Daniel Craighead led from the beginning on the 3+ mile ascent on Seeger Road. Given the choice, Craighead said he prefers climbs over descents, but there seemed to be some dissent over that opinion today. Having just notched a new CR at yesterday’s “rolling” Crack O’ Dawn 5K in nearby Boalsburg, Dan still managed an inspired tour of the route, logging an impressive 1:25:14, nearly ten minutes ahead of second place finisher Patrick Singletary. Will Lush came in less than a minute later to take third.

In the women’s race, the field of 19 was led by Keely Henninger, who finished in 1:47:49. Deb Simoncek was second and Tara Murray took third.

For several runners, this was their longest run ever. Kudos were due all around, as everyone finished!

Seven runners had completed the previous 4 Tussey Teasers, and six of those had also run the unofficial Teaser #0 in February. Six of the seven ran this final teaser to qualify for the “grand” giveaway prize: Dan Craighead, Margie Costello, Brian Garthwaite, Norm Horn, Barb Kelsey and Denise Weaver. The prize, a Coldstone Creamery cake, went to Margie, but the others earned an honorable mention “Like-It” gift card.

Additional giveaways came from Hershey, Meyer Dairy and Road ID.

Thanks to all who took part in this year’s series. A big thanks to Subway for providing fresh post-race party subs. Special thanks to Kathleen Taylor for vital assistance with registration and the essential first water station at the top of the hill!

If you missed the Tussey Teasers series, or if they served to whet your appetite for running on scenic, unpaved mountain roads, plan to check out the Discovery Training Series, a series covering the entire 50-mile mOUnTaiNBACK course on eight consecutive Thursday evenings, beginning August 22 at Tussey Mountain.



A pretty impressive starting field for a hilly half-marathon on a hot day!


Dan Craighead racked up his second course record in as many days!


Keely Henninger was the top finishing female.


Sarah Farrant, always fashion forward.


Marty Mazur ran in shades in the shade.


Margie Costello ran well and took the big Coldstone Creamery Cake!

Overall Order of Finish

Place Name                Age  Sex   Town               Time
----- ----                ---  ---   ----               ----
 1    Dan Craighead        23    M   State College     1:25:14
 2    Patrick Singletary   47    M   State College     1:34:50
 3    Will Lush            20    M   Spring Mills      1:35:44
 4    Scott Falkner        42    M   Lewistown         1:36:34
 5    Justin Koehle        26    M   Altoona           1:38:45
 6    Jim Wenger           43    M   Beavertown        1:38:59
 7    Alan Effrig          34    M   State College     1:40:39
 8    Brent Noerr          34    M   Lewistown         1:41:39
 9    Matt Smith           47    M   State College     1:42:15
10    Norn Horn            37    M   State College     1:43:51
11    Jeff Bradbury        36    M   Port Matilda      1:45:07
12    John Fegyveresi      36    M   State College     1:45:20
13    George Lesieutre     54    M   State College     1:46:17
14    Joel Noal            50    M   Hollidaysburg     1:46:29
15    Tom Cali             58    M   State College     1:46:44
16    Keely Henninger      21    F   State College     1:47:49
17    Erich Leiden         20    M   State College     1:47:49
18    Brian Garthwaite     33    M   Lewisburg         1:48:48
19    Paul Winkelblech     43    M   Centre Hall       1:49:40
20    Robert Shaver        52    M   Loganton          1:50:51
21    Kyle Houser          18    M   Woodward          1:53:24
22    Wade Renninger       34    M   Bellefonte        1:53:34
23    Deb Simoncek         45    F   Howard            1:54:33
24    Brian Poole          31    M   State College     1:54:33
25    Tara Murray          36    F   Bellefonte        2:01:06
26    Dean Capone          49    M   State College     2:01:06
27    Heather Hoechst      34    F   Philadelphia      2:01:53
28    Jason Bourke         25    M   Newark, DE        2:01:53
29    Jeff Welsh           25    M   State College     2:01:56
30    Kevin Becker         43    M   State College     2:01:56
31    Eric Bohnenblast     29    M   Bellefonte        2:02:42
32    Tony Huang           36    M   State College     2:02:54
33    Barb Kelsey          45    F   Huntingdon        2:02:56
34    Ally Lush            22    F   Spring Mills      2:05:10
35    Sarah Farrant        40    F   Boalsburg         2:05:32
36    David DeGroote       55    M   State College     2:06:41
37    Bill Hessert         49    M   Port Matilda      2:07:26
38    Hilary Eppley        43    F   Avon, IN          2:12:29
39    Tina Gregory         42    F   Bellefonte        2:13:51
40    Su Bacon             54    F   Lewisburg         2:16:57
41    Jean Brownstead      39    F   Port Matilda      2:18:36
42    Marty Mazur          56    M   State College     2:20:50
43    Brent Kelsey         45    M   Huntingdon        2:22:54
44    Adam McGinnis        23    M   Bedford           2:25:20
45    Ivy Albright         40    F   Bellefonte        2:29:06
46    Jackie Kramer        29    F   Bellefonte        2:31:41
47    Victor DeDonato      29    M   State College     2:32:41
48    Stephen Ast          56    M   State College     2:37:19
49    Ericka Giffin        24    F   State College     2:39:24
50    Margie Costello      49    F   State College     2:52:22
51    Denise Weaver        48    F   Bellefonte        3:08:24
52    Aisling Ryan         23    F   State College     3:10:17
53    Vera Thiel           42    F   State College     3:11:36
54    Bob Liusey           47    M   State College     3:11:36
55    Emilie Church        24    F   Bellefonte        3:48:50