NVRC Supports 2013 United Way Day of Caring

For the 2013 United Way Day of Caring, Cheree Jones and Sheryl Balkey organized a big crew of bushwackers for the third year in a row. The project was again the bike path/jogging path along the southwest side of the Penn State Golf Course. From sumac to grape vines to hops, along with assorted shrubs and unruly tree branches. The NVRC chipped in to pay for some food and refreshment. Here are a few pictures.


The Bushwackers

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Why Did We Switch To Yahoo!?

The Yahoo! NVRC Discussion Group replaces the rather limited Web Discussion Forum the Club had until June of 2003. Regular visitors to the Club web site may have noticed that the old Discussion Forum was not much used. There were two likely reasons for this. First, we already communicate fairly well with each other via the NVRUN listserv and other e-mail vehicles (such as the Thursday Track listserv). Second, the Discussion Forum bulletin board did not forward messages to users' email inbox, necessitating manual checking of the board.

However, there were also problems with our old methods of communication. First, you had to be a member of one of the e-mail listserves to get the messages. Many club members were not on these lists, for various reasons. While on the one hand we'd like to make sure everyone is informed, we realize that in these days of Spam onslaught, most people don't want any more email than what they expect.

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Quotations - Running or Otherwise

Do you have a favorite running quotation? All right, it doesn't have to be about running. Just about anything will do. If you'd like to add a quotation, just contact Marty Mazur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

On making really special friends through running:

"Feel right here"

- Tom Cali describing his recent groin injury


On interval training:

"Anyone can run the last one hard"

- Attributed to Scott Roycroft by Tony de Boef


Another take on interval training:

"You think more clearly after running intervals.  (16x400 today)."

- Ken Davis


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Miscellaneous Links from the Nittany Valley Running Club

Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Penn State triathlon club, at University Park.

Vitruvian Running story and products on www.vitruvianrunning.com.  They say: While they may appear to be, these shoes are not "retro" or "old school", they are simply designed and engineered for performance without all of the marketing gimmicks.... Currently our shoes are sold through the website at the suggested retail price of $59.99. Club members can now get 25% off an already low price, which includes shipping¤! While going through the checkout process on the site, enter "club special" in the Promo Code window at the bottom of the order confirmation page and the price per pair will be updated to $44.99! (5/7/04)

CanuckRunner.com in Vancouver, British Columbia

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The Dash For Cash

(compiled from wire service reports)

[Editor's note: Several local runners were anticipating January and February 2000 meets on Penn State's new indoor track.  Someone suggested a one-mile match race.  Predictions were made, odds were proposed, and one thing led to another....]

March 12, 2000. Marvin "Big Jule" Hall, who for years posed as a forage management professor at Penn State, was today exposed as the alleged kingpin in a bizarre betting and race-fixing scandal that has rocked the quiet community of State College, Pennsylvania.  John Dowd, former head of security for major league baseball who was called in to lead this investigation, said that Hall had created a convincing false identity as a researcher specializing in cornfields.  "Mr. Hall had everyone fooled," according to Dowd.  "He even managed to get tenure and USDA funding" while masterminding his bookmaking operation.

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