September 20, 2012

The last Thursday Track workout of the Summer saw Jim Myers, John Domico, Tom Cali, Lance Bland, Judd Michael, Bob Cornwall, Marv Hall, Rick Stehouwer, Andrew Webb, Michael Goldfine, Dean Capone, Andy Maguire, Jake Clements, Will Smith, Rich Harter, Torrie Raish, Jaimie Wright, Mike Casper, newcomers Mike Martin and Charlie Vasey, and Marty Mazur head to the track under sunny skies with mild temperatures and some challenging breezes.

Bwana took a minute to introduce a couple of newcomers to the Crew. Charlie Vasey, whose wife is a post-doc at Penn State and has been a regular at the mOUnTaiNBACK Discovery Runs, came by to tweak his fast-twitch muscles. And Mike Martin, a mOUnTaiNBACK DCR veteran, stood at the shallow end of the pool for a while before jumping in with the big kids. After the intros, Bwana pulled out an old not-so-favorite: NX200 on the minute (or 65 seconds, runner's choice). Like all the Thursday workouts, how much good they do depends on whom you pair up with and whether you find the “sweet spot” of the workout effort curve. Anybody can run continuous 200s at an 8 minute mile pace with no rest. But cut that 200 time down from a minute to 50 seconds and things are no longer smooth as silk. That last 10 seconds before your minute is up seems like an awful short time to catch your breath. It gets worse the faster you go, so don’t go too fast, but get a good workout in!

On the cool down jog, Jaimie asked Bwana where he gets his ideas for the workouts. Bwana revealed some of his sources, but maintained enough tact and couth not to tell her where he pulls some of them from. Next week is the beginning of Fall. Bwana will be all week working on a gem to pass on to all of you.